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Album #1

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Windswept has been an album in the making since 1987. Ravi, a self taught instrumentalist, exited a career in technology in the year 2008, to focus on his music. Since then, he has helped start up a music school, a music store and a recording studio.

  • Those Were The Days

    Those Were The Days was written by Ravi during his final years of college (1987). Looking back at the early school days, old friends and wondering about how the future would change a lot of things including associations with good friends. Ode to Gopes (2010) is a tribute to one such buddy who is now no more. Someone whose association, was one of the turning points in Ravi's focus towards music.


  • Ode To Gopes

    Ode to Gopes (2010) is a tribute to one such buddy who is now no more. Someone whose association, was one of the turning points in Ravi's focus towards music.

  • Reflections of Alamelu

    Reflections of Alamelu (2011) is another tribute. This one is about Ravi's late mother. Has a bit of Indian Classical sound interwoven with a Blues feel. The uniqueness of this song is that Ravi has managed to write this song to include every single family member either by voice or through an instrument. The mix of sounds is a typical reflection of his mother's personality type. She struck a good balance between Indian traditions and other world cultures through her ability to make friends across regions as well as appreciate different cuisines and music.


  • Introspection

    Introspection (2007) - mimics a typical thought process churning in one's mind via the dialogue between Ravi's guitar and his wife, Gayathri's Veena. The song proceeds to the state of enlightenment after some rapid churn reflected by some aggressive distorted guitar work.


  • Windswept

     Windswept (1987), the title song (5th track) was written keeping para-sailing in mind - para gliders who are largely controlled by wind conditions though they have a few controls at their disposal. The freedom to move around and enjoy the view from the top gets them to take risks. The connection to this story is life itself - we live in an environment, trying to adapt and those who do so, enjoy life to the fullest.

  • CArrom on Strings

    Carrom on Strings (2009) - More a fun song, with the acoustic guitar being played in the same manner as one would play a game called Carrom Board.

  • The Emergence

    The Emergence, though completed in 2012 is based largely on a melody written sometime around 1990. It is based on Ravi's transition from a different career into the world of music. The composition was completed keeping in mind visuals of an egg taking it's own time to hatch.


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Nature and Places is the second album since the release of Windswept (2013) and the single All in a day's work ((2015). This instrumental music album is inspired by different places which Ravi and Rahul, the father-son duo, have visited over the years.


Each track is based on the sounds and sights of a particular location. In some of the tracks, the background sounds have been captured on location and the music has been created around it. In most tracks, Ravi has composed and recorded his guitar tracks extempore, in one take, to retain the original mood and emotions.The entire album is meant to be for easy listening and if you have visited any of these locations, hopefully you will be transported back in mind!


  • Birds of Munnar

     Munnar is a beautiful hill station in the state of Kerala, India. The rolling hills and wonderful climate were ideal for tea plantations to be setup back in the 19th century. A great destination to go be part of nature. And you do not need an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning, the birds will oblige. The bird and cricket sounds you hear on this track were recorded on location. Srinath Bala, a passionate musician, has enriched this song with the popular south Indian percussion instrument, the Mridangam.

  • Eeire Rotorua

    Rotorua, in the North Island of New Zealand, is a town with a large lake and plenty of greenery. The beauty of this place can be quite deceptive in terms of the mysteries it holds, thanks to the location's geothermal activities. Amidst the trees and shrubs, you will find bubbling mud pools and geysers which errupt at regular intervals. The gurgling sounds of the bubbling mud pools in this song were captured on location.


  • Fox Glacier

    Named after a New Zealand prime minister, this glacier is situated close to the west coast of the South Island in NZ. This is one of the most easily accessible glaciers in the world and the surroundings were serene enough to write a song about! A sight which cannot be replicated by man.

  • Nilgiris

    The Nilgiri (Blue Mountains) are part of the Western Ghats in southern India. A favourite getaway which over the years' has become second home to people who want to drive down and spend some quality time in hill stations such as Ooty and Coonoor. Despite the increase in economic activity in the region, this continues to be a beautiful location with a character of its own!

  • Pallissery

    This track is named after a small village where Ravi was born but never grew up in. However, he was a frequent visitor throughout his school days and has fond memories of exploring all the hidden paths between homes with private ponds of their own! Like every village in Kerala, the southern state in India where Pallissery is located, has its own share of quaint temples and yearly elephant festivals with the typical percussion instruments, such as Chendai and Edekka, making their own soundscape. The electric guitar with long drawn notes, attempts to merge with this unique sound.


  • Milford SOund

    This beautiful location is in the South Island of New Zealand. A fiord which runs inland from the Tasman Sea for almost upto eight miles. A cruise down the waters between steep cliffs offers a breath taking experience and makes you want to come back for more. A clay pot can be a great container to store water and keep it cool. In the hands of a good percussionist, it becomes the Indian instrument, the Ghatam. So this instrument had to be part of the arrangement in this track!

  • Bengaluru

    The city where Ravi and Rahul have grown up in most of their lives. Rahul for the past eighteen years and Ravi for almost forty. This city was once a genuine garden city with a wonderful climate. After witnessing an economic surge since the '90s, thanks to the technology boom, this city still attempts to hold on to its old reputation. Today, Bengaluru (once Bangalore), is a melting pot of multiple cultures and is globally well known. This track captures the typical sounds and spirit in the heart of the city, but at the same time, it cannot ignore the by-products of the almost-out-of-control population explosion.

  • My Kind Of PLace

    This track is based on an imaginary location. A place beyond the crowds and complications of today's fast paced world. An old world place, yet to be touched by modern day technology and its after effects. Where every sound is music to one's ears and every sight is a sight for sore eyes. A place where humans are consumed by nature, rather than the other way around. A place where most people would love to escape to and disappear ...

Nature and Places

Album #2

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This and That, the third album, comprises of eight tracks. Some of these are built around core ideas which were born in the late '80's. This album too, like its predecessors, straddles multiple genres. Also featured in this album are Vasudev Prabhu on the Harmonica, and Raman Iyer on the Saxophone and Flute. All songs have been written, arranged and produced by Ravi and Rahul.


Album #3

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  • Rebellion

    Inspired by the drive to embrace change for the better, this track has a fairly aggressive melody, urging the listener to wake up and shun inertia. Many of us have dreams and plans, but get stuck when it comes to execution.


  • A Meaningless search

    Most dreamers appear to be chasing something preposterous. Until of course, the results surprise everyone. There are times, when even the dreamer is not certain about what he/she is going to find at the end of the journey, but considers the journey itself as the reward - the thrill, the mystery, the chase, the hunt …


  • The Blistering Desert

    This is about a person out in the desert, having lost almost all resources and his/her bearings, but not the will to survive and make it back home. Vasudev Prabhu's brilliant Harmonica work enhances the feel and helps recreate the 'scene', every now and then, underlining the looming threats.

  • Question with no answer

    Quite often we are taken by surprise by a situation. We end up asking, "Why?" , or perhaps, "How?". More often than not, we don't get answers. We can choose to accept the situation and move on, or remain confused and keep asking more questions ...

  • Memories of zelenograd

    This song was written in the mid-90's during Ravi's work related trips to Zelenograd, a quiet new city about 40km from Moscow. A city created in the late 50's in the middle of forests. Its name when literally translated to English means, "Green City". The song attempts to capture the images of a very beautiful city, very focussed set of people who loved to eat and party after a hard day's work and made it very easy for Ravi, a foreigner with very serious language barriers, feel at home.

  • Dreamer

    Raman Iyer enriches this song with his Flute and Sax. An acoustic guitar rhythm and some strings support the playful melody by the electric guitar. The bass fills in to complete the sound-scape and the groove these instruments create, hides the fact that no percussion instruments have been used right through! Every human needs to dream and dream big! Best enjoyed with a glass of your favorite wine on the slopes of your favorite mountain!

  • This and That

    The title track depicts the mood with which Rahul and Ravi went about creating this album - with complete freedom from any given theme, plan or rules. In fact, until two weeks' before the album release, they worked with no launch date, so as to not come under any pressure to 'finish' the project. This is a track driven by no specific thoughts - a difficult state to be in actually - to be not thinking about anything!

  • The patient Angler

    He casts the line and waits. Has nothing much to do other than maybe sit back and sip on a drink, read a book or catch the scenery. But be alert and ready for the bite to happen and then drive himself to action. The story of our lives. We can prepare and execute, but will then have to wait for results. Or prepare and wait for the right time and opportunity, and when it comes knocking, make sure that we are not caught napping …


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